Saturday, December 31, 2011



Snow was rare in Unionville, but I remember more large snows in the mid 1900's in North Louisiana than we have at the present.  One snow fall of over six inches in the Winter of 1961-62 combined with temperatures near zero kept the roads impassable for a week.  I had just married and was in my Sophomore year at Louisiana Tech.  I missed a full week of school but we had plenty of fun hunting rabbits and playing in the snow.  My grandparents' house was built on piers about three feet above the ground with all of the water piping underneath, so if we did not leave the water dripping each night we would have no water the next day.  Those were some of the things that were not so good back in the "good ole days".

The pictures are of a snow fall in Unionville in the early 1950's.  The top picture is my grandparent's house and it looks like we had a good three to four inches of snow.  The second picture shows the side of the store with the longest icicles that I have ever seen.  Mother had us kids all dressed warm for getting out in the snow.  We all had our boots, heavy coats, and gloves on and Penny had a scarf to keep her ears warm.  Richard and I had on our aviator caps with the ear flaps to keep our ears covered and warm.  That is a style that you do not see much of in North Louisiana these days.

I certainly enjoyed playing in the snow and making snowmen but the best part was coming inside,  getting warm, and then setting down to a big bowl of delicious snow ice cream that Mother had made.  That is what memories are made of.  Keep watching - more snow pictures to follow.

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  1. What a lovely house photo! It almost looks like a postcard! The gate slightly open gives the image kind of a dreamy quality.