Friday, December 9, 2011


Will This One Do Mother?

In Unionville when it came time to find us a Christmas tree we did not have a tree lot around the corner where we could find a pre-cut "real tree".  There was no Wal-Mart in town where we could go find an artificial tree (God forbid).  So the Jones kids would all load up in the pick-up truck and head out to the woods to find the perfect tree to adorn our living room for Christmas.  Since we lived in the country and our grandparents owned land that was covered with cedar trees we had more than enough trees to choose from.  But, we would still spend much time wandering through the woods looking for the ideal tree that we hoped would pass our mother's inspection.  The criteria for the tree was that it was to be perfectly shaped with no "bad side".  Once we had finally found that perfect tree, out would come the saw and we would cut it down, carry it to the truck and head home.  Once the tree had passed Mother's inspection, it was into the house and then we would start decorating the most beautiful Christmas tree we ever had - at least until next year's tree.

The young Christmas tree harvesters in this picture are from left to right, my brother Richard, myself, and my sister Penny.  The information on the back of this picture dates it as our 1955 Christmas tree.  The picture was taken at our new home across the highway from the store which can be seen in the background.

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