Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pickin' Grapes

Between my grandparent's house and their store were two huge scuppernong grape vines that my grandfather, "Tut" had planted when they first built their house at Unionville.  When the grapes would begin to ripen in the late summer, one of our pleasant duties was to pick the grapes for our grandmother, "Dell" to make grape jelly and grape turnovers.  I call this one of our pleasant duties because we were able to eat as many as we wanted while we were picking them.  Dell made the best grape jelly that I have ever eaten in my life and she always had enough to supply us with for the entire year.  She was not one to let anything go to waste, so she make turnovers out of the left over skins of the grapes and when you bit into one of the turnovers you thought you had gone to Heaven.  The handsome young men in the picture are from left to right, my brother Richard, myself, and the one with his back to the camera my cousin Mickey from Shreveport.  Mickey was a "city" boy but loved to come over and visit and spend some time in the country.

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