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It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  It is amazing how many memories a photo can bring back to someone.  To me this picture is worth ten thousand memories and words.

This is a photo of my alma mater Dubach High School in Dubach, Louisiana.  This is the Southwest corner of the school building looking at the entrance that I used for approximately four years of my life.  The large building in the rear of the picture was the elementary school which was connected to the high school building by a breezeway and the auditorium.  The room immediately to the right of the entrance was the principal’s office which you got to visit when you had misbehaved.  I made a few visits to this office during my high school years.  The room to the left was where I took literature and English classes and the room on the second floor was where typing was taught.  In those days typing was a required subject for high school graduation.

One thing that interests me about this picture is the lineup of the now vintage cars in the parking area.  After studying these cars for some time here is my guess as to the make and year of the cars.  Starting from the left:  1967 Chevy, 1957 Ford Ranchero, 1963 Ford, 1957 Chevy, ???? Ford and 1959 Chevy.  My all-time favorite vehicle is the 1957 Chevy.  My father owned a 1955 Chevy and I loved it but the 1957 was a much better looking and “hotter” looking vehicle in my opinion.  My original estimate for the time of this picture was 1961-62 but the 1967 Chevy shot a hole in that guess.  Now I would say that this picture was taken 1967 or after.

There are many memories from Dubach Elementary and High School that I will be writing about in the future.  I am taking the Family History Writing Challenge from The Armchair Genealogist Blog and have committed to writing a story a day for the month of February to get me back on my writing again. If you are interested in writing your family history stories take a look at these two web sites.

The photo is the property of Donnie Barmore and is used by his permission.  Donnie attended Dubach High School several years later than me.  His parents were the drivers of the school bus that I took to school for all the years I attended Dubach School.

See you tomorrow.

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