Tuesday, April 2, 2013


How many people remember the movie theater in their home town during their younger days?  The photo above is a picture of the movie theater in Dubach taken in 2010.  Some of the old movie billboards from the 1960's were still on display at that time.  During the time that I was in High School and College the theater was owned and operated by the Fontenot family.

Dubach was about two miles from Unionville and on Saturday afternoons I would catch a ride to Dubach in front of my family's store for the Saturday afternoon matinees.  Yes, I did say "catch a ride" as in hitchhiking.  It was actually safe in those days to do this.  The movie was usually an old style western with Roy and Dale, Gene Autrey, Gabby Hayes, Tom Mix, Lone Ranger, Rex Allen or Smiley Burnette, followed by a short serial that was continued from week to week.  I usually was able to talk my father out of a little more than the movie admission price so that I could enjoy a coke along with a Snicker's candy bar or a peanut patty along with the movie.

One of the biggest events to come to the Unionville/Dubach area was a visit to the Gem Theater by the movie cowboy Lash LaRue and his famous bullwhip.  The theater was packed that Saturday afternoon as he showed his skills with the bullwhip.  The most impressive trick to me was using his whip to put out a burning match that someone was holding in their hand.  Lash LaRue grew up in Shreveport and was a born-again Christian who was baptized at Shreveport Baptist Tabernacle by pastor Jimmy G. Tharpe.

Later on in my youth I enjoyed many Friday and Saturday night dates with my wife to be, Esther, at the Gem theater in Dubach.

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