Friday, January 11, 2013


The above photo is the results of a successful fishing trip with my grandfather "Tut" Colvin.  I am standing at the extreme left, my brother Richard is in front center and "Tut" is in the center behind Richard.
This is the first in a series of blogs about my favorite pastime – fishing.  I began this journey early in life in Unionville with the guidance of my maternal grandfather Ernest Richard “Tut” Colvin.  He taught me how to seek out bream in many of the creeks in North Louisiana and I progressed to bass fishing in the many farms ponds around Unionville.  Later on in life, I continued my quest for the elusive bass in many of the lakes and streams around Shreveport.  There are so many stories to tell about the pleasures that I have enjoyed from this hobby of fishing that this series of blogs will probably last for some time.

Fishing has been more than a hobby or pastime for me.  When I am fishing the rest of the world with its cares and worries seemed to fade into the background.  It is a time when my inner man is able to recuperate from the burdens of everyday life.  It is a time when I when I am alone with nature and just waiting for the next bob of the cork or the tap-tap on the line that tells me that my quarry is near.  I rarely have a fishing partner and just enjoy this time to be by myself and take pleasure in what God had provided here on this earth for me to enjoy.

I will forever be grateful to Tut for instilling in me this love for fishing.  I have strived to pass this on to my children and grandchildren so that they can experience the wonderful excitement that comes from fishing.  Even though these last few years I have not been able to go fishing,  I continue to hold on to the memories that this wonderful pastime has left me.

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